2011 NCNCA Masters State Track Championships

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Metromint Cycling

Hellyer Park Velodrome
USA Cycling Permit # 2011-1377

When & Where

Saturday and Sunday, July 9 – 10, 2011
Track opens at 8am. Racing begins at 10am.
Directions to Hellyer Park Velodrome, San Jose

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Saturday, July 9

  • Scratch Race (5k, 7.5k, 10k)
  • Sprints
  • Pursuit (2k, 3k)

Sunday, July 10

  • Individual Time Trial (500m, 1k)
  • Points Race (10k, 15k, 20k)
  • Team Sprint
  • Team Pursuit

Event flyer available in PDF.


Track Waiver

Waivers online at Ride The Track Forms. SIGN THE WAIVER! (Once you fill it in online, you are set for the rest of the year)

Event Waiver

You also need the USAC race-day waiver at USA Cycling Waiver. If you register online, we will print it and have you sign the hardcopy when you check-in on race day at the Track. If you register late (same day; see below) you will need to fill it out, print it, sign it, and bring it with you to the track!


State (Northern California) Championships

Due to popularity of the events and track time constraints, only riders eligible for the championships are eligible to compete in the events this year. Thus, only NCNCA-licensed regional district racers are allowed to compete. Out of district riders are not eligible to participate in any of the events.

Online Registration

Register at USA Cycling Online Event Registration. Registration closes Tuesday, July 5, 2011. Rider lists and an updated schedule will be posted to this website and the NCVA google group on Thursday, July 7.
Registration costs $25 for the first race and $10 for each additional race. Team events are $10 per person.

Team Registration

Each individual racer in a team event should register online then send one email to the promoter indicating the names of your teammates (you should still register if your team is not finalized yet).

Late (same day) Registration

Entry fees go up $5 for day-of registration. Day-of registration closes one hour before each event. For on-site registration, make checks payable to “Revolution Racing Team LLC”. As a late registrant, you need to print, fill out, and sign the USA Cycling Event Waiver (see above) and bring it with you to the Track.

Late Registration Limits

Because most events are individual rides, the schedule depends on how many people are registered for each event. Pre-registering online will facilitate a reliable schedule and give you a better idea of when your race will happen. As such, on-site registration in each event (not age-group) is limited to 4 entries in the Pursuit, 6 entries in the individual time trial, 6 entries in the sprints, and 8 entries in the Points and Scratch races.

Fine print

All riders must present their USA Cycling license on the day of the event. Annual licenses can be purchased online at USA Cycling. If you have not received your annual license, print out your “Authorization to Ride” and present that at the track. One-day licenses are not allowed for championships; you need to have an annual license.


Rain, however unlikely, cancels the event. A cancelling email will be sent out via the NCVA email list.

Rules of Note

Minimum Field Size

The minimum field size for the awarding of a championship title in any event-individual or team, is one entrant/team. Awards will be presented for every 5 year age bracket up to and including the eldest racer represented.

Women Racers

Women are allowed to enter any event provided they meet the age and category requirements for the event. However, according to a strange new rule introduced for 2011, women are only eligible to win medals in women's events.

Mass Start Requirement

Mass start events require a Track License Cat 3 or higher for riders younger than 55.

The Complete Rules

For all the rules, check out the USAC Rulebook.


Open Events

  • Scratch Race 30-34
  • Scratch Race 35-39
  • Scratch Race 40-44
  • Scratch Race 45-49
  • Scratch Race 50-54
  • Scratch Race 55-59
  • Scratch Race 60-64
  • Scratch Race 65+
  • Sprint 30-34
  • Sprint 35-39
  • Sprint 40-44
  • Sprint 45-49
  • Sprint 50-54
  • Sprint 55-59
  • Sprint 60-64
  • Sprint 65+
  • 1km TT 30-34
  • 1km TT 35-39
  • 1km TT 40-44
  • 1km TT 45-49
  • 500m TT 50-54
  • 500m TT 55-59
  • 500m TT 60-64
  • 500m TT 65-69
  • 500m TT 70+
  • 3km Pursuit 30-34
  • 3km Pursuit 35-39
  • 3km Pursuit 40-44
  • 3km Pursuit 45-49
  • 2km Pursuit 50-54
  • 2km Pursuit 55-59
  • 2km Pursuit 60-64
  • 2km Pursuit 65-69
  • 2km Pursuit 70+
  • Points Race 30-34
  • Points Race 35-39
  • Points Race 40-44
  • Points Race 45-49
  • Points Race 50-54
  • Points Race 55-59
  • Points Race 60-64
  • Points Race 65+

Women’s Events

  • Scratch Race 30-34 Female
  • Scratch Race 35-39 Female
  • Scratch Race 40-44 Female
  • Scratch Race 45-49 Female
  • Scratch Race 50-54 Female
  • Scratch Race 55+ Female
  • Sprint 30-34 Female
  • Sprint 35-39 Female
  • Sprint 40-44 Female
  • Sprint 45-49 Female
  • Sprint 50-54 Female
  • Sprint 55-59 Female
  • Sprint 60+ Female
  • 500m TT 30-34 Female
  • 500m TT 35-39 Female
  • 500m TT 40-44 Female
  • 500m TT 45-49 Female
  • 500m TT 50-54 Female
  • 500m TT 55-59 Female
  • 500m TT 60+ Female
  • 2km Pursuit 30-34 Female
  • 2km Pursuit 35-39 Female
  • 2km Pursuit 40-44 Female
  • 2km Pursuit 45-49 Female
  • 2km Pursuit 50-54 Female
  • 2km Pursuit 55-59 Female
  • 2km Pursuit 60+ Female
  • Points Race 30-34 Female
  • Points Race 35-39 Female
  • Points Race 40-44 Female
  • Points Race 45-49 Female
  • Points Race 50-54 Female
  • Points Race 55+ Female

Team Sprint

  • M30+, 40+, 50+, 60+
  • W30+, W45+

Team Pursuit

  • M30+, 40+, 50+, 60+
  • W30+, W45+

Scratch and Points races

Races will have the same format as the National Championships. Age groups may be combined as needed for minimum field size of 6. Riders in each age group will be scored separately. We will not combine age groups more than necessary. Riders must be track category 3 or higher to race for men under the age of 55 and women under 50 (under 55 at Nat’s). Categories 1-5 are eligible to ride in all other races. Scratch event lengths are 5k for Women and Open 60+, 7.5k for Open 45-59, and 10k for Open 30-44. Points race lengths are 10k for Women and Open 60+, 15k for Open 45-59, and 20k for Open 30-44.


Sprints will be seeded with a flying 200m TT. Top 8 in each age group qualify for the sprint rounds. 2-up sprints in the quarterfinals (1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5). One ride only. No repechages. Winners advance to the finals from the semifinals in a best two of three rides, and finals, best two of three rides. There will be a minor final, 4-ups, to determine 5th-8th place for relevant age groups.


The pursuit will be run as 2-ups with one run finals. The race will be 2k for Women and Open 50+ and 3k for Open 30-49.

Individual Time Trials

The individual time trials will be run one person at a time. One run finals. The race will be 500m for Women and Open 50+ and 1k for Open 30-49.

Team events

All team events will be one ride finals, and will follow the distances and age groups used for the National Championships. All riders on a team must meet the minimum age requirement. Riders may ride with only one team per age group (in each event), but may ride in up to two age groups per event, subject to the following restriction. If there are at least 3 teams in an age group without riders who are doing a second age group in the event, then riders can not do a second ride in that age group. Team pursuit teams need a minimum of 3 riders to start and finish, 4 riders maximum (for men).

Women’s team pursuit is 30+ and 45+, 3000m, with 3 riders; and women’s team sprint is 30+ and 45+, two riders, two laps. Men’s team pursuit is with 4 riders, 30+ and 40+, 4000m; 50+ and 60+, 3000m. Men’s team sprint is 3 riders, 30+, 40+, 50+, and 60+.


Event Schedule available in PDF.

Updates and Results

Live Event Updates

If you can't make it, make sure to follow @metromintracing on twitter during the event for live updates and results.

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Final Results

Final results will be posted here on our website and at Hellyer Track Racing Blog.


We have lined up some great food for the event, proceeds of which will go to the Junior Track program, so bring your racing legs and appetite!

Race Contact

Questions? Email the race promotor, Rob Dahl.