It's hard to completely do justice to the spirit of a stage rage - especially the Kern County Stage Race. It's the only local all women's stage race and it's put on by Velo Promo out in Bakersfield in May. It's hot. The stages are hard. It's out in the middle of nowhere. And it's fabulous! A group of 10 Metromint women each completed four races in three days. We entered four separate categories and achieved 25 top ten finishes in the various stages--with 7 women in the top ten in the GC. It was a great weekend of racing with tough teams and great competition; not to mention wonderful support from numerous significant others who provided (very needed) water on the hill climb and road races, drove wheel cars, provided mechanical support, and took tons of action photos during the weekend. A big thank you to Velo Promo, the competitors and the supporters. You all make the epic Kern weekend memorable!

Kern Kern
Where do we turn?!
Now we're running late,
When will we learn?

Too sore to walk.
Too tired to talk.
Advil and (Mint)water -
I need it in bulk!

There are flats and long climbs
And obsession with times.
And fabulous prizes
For those first to the line.

We had excellent teamwork.
No stage was a bore.
With sprinting, attacking,
And leadouts galore.

From the women in dots,
There was no shortage of winning.
From the photo team time trial
To the synchronized swimming.

We had great men as support
Showing skin was the rage.
Placing well overall
And winning a stage.

With great gals in the field
It was a fabulous race
How did it go...?
See the smile on my face?