By Bruce Johnson

Metromint Cycling partners with organizations that give back to the community. One of our long-time partners, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, sponsors the annual Bike to School event to help kids and parents realize how fun, healthy and safe it is to ride to school. This year's event took place today, on a sunny and brisk April 7, 2011.

In the Outer Mission, thirty very excited kids arrived around 7:45AM with smiles and anticipation of the 10 block ride to Longfellow Elementary School.

There was a brief and energizing safety orientation. By the end of this entertaining and important start, the kids were ready to race to school! The parents and volunteers helped by stationing themselves at intersections to stop oncoming traffic for our group which had swelled to about 50 including helpers.

When we rolled into the schoolyard, the kids were treated with a satchel of cycling-related goodies as well as some apple juice. It was a wonderful event with teachers, parents and volunteers riding along the kids. Metromint Cycling was there to help, too!

If you missed out, don't forget the upcoming Bike to Work Day on May 12, 2011, also sponsored by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Plenty of volunteers are needed to make this huge event successful.