Who says dots and stripes don?t go together?
Bucking fashion rules in the best possible way, Metromint racers paired their polka-dotted kits with winners? jerseys at multidisciplinary state, national, and world championship races. Keep an eye out for Metromint-edition stars, and stripes, and grizzly bears on a road near you. C?est chic!

Trendsetters Rikke Preisler, Laurie Furman, and Molly Van Houweling

Championship Highlights
Molly Van Houweling
   • Gold, Masters World Championship TT
   • Gold, Masters World Championship RR
   • Gold, Elite State Championship TT
   • Silver, Masters National Championship TT
   • Bronze, Elite State Championship RR
Rikke Preisler
   • Gold, Masters State Championship RR
   • Silver, Masters State Championship Crit
   • Bronze, Masters National Championship RR
Laurie Furman
   • Gold, Masters National Championship Crit
Ariel Herrmann
   • Silver, Elite State Championship TT
Ellen Sherrill
   • Gold, Elite State Championship Single Speed CX
   • Silver, Masters National Championship Super-D
Korina Huizar
   • Silver, Elite National Championship Team Pursuit
Amanda Seigle
   • Silver, Elite National Championship Team Pursuit

Friendly rivalries heated up with the debut of the BikeReg.com Premier Series, a points-based competition consisting of 20 premier races in Northern California. The Metromint women raced head-to-head against Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo, narrowly placing second in the team classification but snatching the individual classification with Molly Van Houweling?s consistent ?dotmintnation.? Metromint is rearing to begin round two of the Premier Series at the Snelling Road Race on February 23.

Teamwork Adds Up for Cat 3 Men
Pythagoras believed that the number 3 is the noblest of all digits, as it is the only number that equals the sum of all terms below it. The Metromint men typified this ancient belief by assembling the noblest, most successful cat 3 squad in recent memory. The sum of their efforts resulted in high-profile victories in the Cat?s Hill Classic (Ricardo Moran), the Chico Memorial Crit (Ricardo Moran), and the Cascade Classic General Classification (Chris Yu). Michael Miller lent notable assists. Go 3s!

Chris Yu in yellow at the Cascade Classic. Like a boss.

Bigger and Better for 2013
Aiming to extend last year?s success, Metromint returns in 2013 with a large and diverse team. The men have recruited a promising class of cat 4s and cat 5s who are eager to learn from their veteran teammates. The women?s squad will also focus on mentoring home-grown talent, with sprinting sensation Mary-Ellen Ash and Jedi time trialist Molly Van Houweling hosting clinics in their respective specialties. Above all, the minty men and women look to keep having a blast racing bikes. To quote NorCal Cycling News, ?The Dots have good prospects for 2013, but gauging from Facebook, they have already won the spirit award.?