Gifts are found to be one of the kindest gesture which everyone loves to take and give. Gifts are the things which we give in any emotion, like if a person is happy, then he/she will give a gift to his/her near and dear ones, in the situation of sorrow there are an exchange of gifts and so on. In every situation, a gift can be given to anyone and no one will refuse it as it is a kind of sweet gesture that a person shows.

Gifts are not only tangible; we can also give gifts in the intangible form. Tangible things are the things which we can touch like chocolates, flowers, perfumes, etc. Intangible gifts are gifts that a person cannot touch, but he/she can feel them, like some discounts and offers or any kind of service given for free. All these are counted as gifts. But, we should also know that what the other person feels when we gift him/her something. Let’s discuss it.


Expresses our love 

Gifts express our love for someone. It can also be said as the language of love. We know that most of the time, we give gifts to the people whom we love. We give them gifts as a token of love for them, and we show our love for them in the form of a tangible or intangible thing. So, it is a kind of gesture of love which we show to our loved ones.


Making people feel special

Gifts are given to the people whom we love, as we discussed earlier. But, how do they know that we love them from our heart? The gift is the only way to make them feel that how special they are for us and how much we care for them. Read more here at survey

Taking an example of an arranged marriage, both of the persons don’t know each other, but they started loving each other at some time, and this can only be possible by making each other feel special. They can make themselves feel special by exchanging gifts as through the gifts they can show love and affection for each other.


To show appreciation

Now the question arises in your mind that with gifts, how we can appreciate each other. Giving gifts can be a solution for so many things. We can appreciate a person by giving gifts as we can give them a motivational thing and a thing which he/she will achieve after so much hard work and struggle.

Taking an example of an event of police promotions, the gifts given to the person who is going to promote is a kind of appreciation gift for him/her with which he/she will feel very special and motivated. Giving a gift to our mentors and teachers is also a kind of appreciating and respecting gesture.



Gifts are magical things that can be given in any situation to a person, and it always makes him/her feel happy and respectful by getting it. There are so many kinds of feeling that a person will get when he/she gets a gif6t from anyone. Some of them are discussed above; go through them.

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