Poker is the most popular card game in the world. From packed tournaments to tables at online sites, poker is played against other people making it a social activity, it highlights the body language and psychology of other players. Though the true origin of the game is still unknown, it can come from either the Irish word poca or the French word poque which cane from the German word pochen which means to brag as a bluff.

How to play?

Now even if we have everything to play poker on betist, we need to know how to play this game and its rules. Poker has many forms but a player who understands the rules of betting and the value of poker hands without any difficulty can play any type of poker.

Hands and Betting

The poker hands vary from five of a kind which is the highest, to no pair, to no kind which is the lowest. The various types would be five of a kind, straight flush, four of a kind, Full house, flush, and so on. Even after understanding the hands, one must be confident in betting. Betting is the core of poker. Before starting the game and in between the game one has to handle the management of one or more chips, here you need to be aware of when to fold (putting no chips and in return being out of hand), raise (putting in chips more than call) or call (putting in the same number of chips as before).

What is most Beneficial to know when playing poker?

Is to set goals, you might not have any goals to win in the beginning but when you start winning, you have to start setting goals for yourself so that you have a clear target whether it be to win the next hand or to win it all.

In the start, setting off with playing a simple or an easier poker game might help you in getting a better hang of it. Short deck poker or No limit hold’em might be the best start in your new journey.

It might be easy to learn to play poker but it is quite challenging to learn the rules of poker all at once. It all comes down to whether you depend on your skills or your gambling. You can either challenge your skills and climb different levels or just depend on your gambling without understanding the logic.

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