With the advent of Internet TV on portable devices such as Smart TVs and laptops, watching online videos in the comfort of your own home is now a reality. Many people are turning to watch online videos at work, on the road, or just while enjoying their free time. It is a more modern and easier way to relax, watch your favorite TV shows, movies and clips.

With a portable computer, you could already access media from the web and TV on the same device; therefore, no longer do you have to watch internet videos on your laptop or other smaller devices at home, either. With a portable computer, all you need to do is pick your preferred streaming method(s) from there and make your choice from there.

Here are some simple tips that you could use to make the most out of your experience with the use of portable computers and their corresponding streaming videos. The first tip would be to always watch the video on a smart screen. Why? Simply because not all of us have the best vision especially those of us who are using a computer for long hours at a stretch.

You would not want to catch something that is not visible, right? So, always ensure that you can view the video on a computer monitor or larger television screen. Note that if you are watching a video that requires an internet connection, ensure that the connection can support HDTV too.

The second tip is to visit yesmovies to watch your videos. Many websites stream internet videos to portable devices; therefore, you should explore your options online. The third tip would be to save the video that you want to watch to a private location.

There would be times that you would want to watch a particular video, but there are people in your household or in your place that would want to view the same video. If you are in your office or at home, then there would be no problem at all. What you need to do is to change the setting that the web browser has. By default, internet videos are not password protected. You can always go into the “automatic password protection” section in your browser to enable this feature.

The fourth tip would be to stream the video when it is in its normal viewing position. Some websites allow you to re-watch the video as soon as you open the site. This way, you do not have to wait for a specific time before you could watch the video. Note that aside from watching internet videos when they are in their original position, there are also instances that you would want to watch the video as soon as possible.

If this is the case, then you would have to move the video on the website so that it can be watched immediately. The fifth tip would be to download the video from the website instead of directly uploading it to your personal computer.

There are two reasons why downloading a video is better than uploading. The first reason is that if there are any problems with the file, such as format conversion or any audio issues, you could always download the latest version from the website instead of having to upload it.

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